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This is the online home of Green Heron Publishing’s Geography 12 Student Workbook. Green Heron proudly presents the 4th Edition of the workbook, an updated teacher’s manual and photo DVD as well as an updated web site.

The workbook is a fabulous resource for both teachers and students alike. It is now the Geography 12 textbook of choice in more than 160 secondary schools in British Columbia and the Yukon.

Here on the web site, you will find short articles dealing with global and local environmental issues in the news, links to some important geography web sites, as well as sample chapters and information on how to order the workbook. We invite you to take a look around and if you’re already using the Geography 12 Student Workbook, read about a current environmental issue in the news or check out the recommended web sites!

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Environmental Issues in the News

Supercell thunderstorms

Deforestation in Amazon Basin

Salmon farms

Unexploded bombs on ocean floor

Severe weather linked to warming?

Liquified Natural Gas

Hurricane evacuations: heed the warnings


Want to know more?

Sphere Interactions


Online resources

National Geographic Environment: Global warming, natural disasters, & endangered habitats

US Geological Survey Volcano Hazards Program: Recent volcanic eruptions & links to web-cams at several volcanoes

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program: Recent earthquakes, maps & lists of past earthquakes

Atlas of Canada: All kinds of maps - climatic, geological, environmental & more

Canadian Geographic Magazine: Environmental issues of importance to Canadians
Hinterland Who's Who Issues & Topics: Canada's plants & animals at risk

The Weather Network: Current weather, past statistics, maps, highway conditions, air quality, forest fire danger, & more