‘Studies in Physical Geography’ (200 pages, spiral coil-bound, ISBN 978-0-9735999-8-5) is largely the same as Units 1 through 4 of the ‘Geography 12 Textbook/Workbook’ (4th Edition), with updates and added topics such as the geology of Yellowstone National Park, the Christchurch earthquake of 2011, and El Niño & El Niña.  Units include: Earth’s Surface & Tectonic Processes, Gradational Processes, Weather & Climate, Biosphere, and Topographic Mapping. Class set price: $25  *Teacher Resource with Photo DVD available: $185.

‘Energy and Environment’ (336 pages, spiral coil-bound, ISBN 978-0-9735999-7-8) is based on Units 5 and 6 of ‘Geography 12...’ (4th Ed.) but the revision and 150 pages of additional material have made it useful for courses in both Environmental Sciences and Human Geography. Unit 1: Energy Today takes a detailed look at the different sources of renewable and non-renewable energy used in the world, their use in power production and transportation, and their impact on the environment. Learn how communities and many countries are transitioning to a carbon-neutral energy future and how global efforts are growing to slow climate change. Unit 2: Environmental Challenges looks closely at the often negative influence that humans have had on our planetary ecosystems. The effects of industrialization and urbanization on global warming, pollution of our waters, resource use and management, waste management, sustainable food production and greener building are covered in detail. Class set price: $28 *Teacher Resource with Photo DVD available: $185.

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The 4th edition of ‘Geography 12 Student Textbook/Workbook/Study Guide’ (Sovio, 2012) is now sold out!

The 4th edition of this popular text has been updated and replaced by two books to conform to the new Grade 11 and 12 B.C. Social Studies and Science curriculums - ‘Studies in Physical Geography’ and ‘Energy and Environment’.